Intuitive Life Path Coaching with Numerology

Life Path Coaching can help you with the following:
  • Transition through big life changes.
  • Guide you to better career paths and new opportunities.
  • Help you align your true self with your unique talents.
  • Find a sense of peace and direction.
  • Better understand your life journey through the wisdom of your soul.
  • Eliminate stress, unhappiness and mental health problems.
  • Find your purpose!
Why I use Numerology for Holistic Coaching Sessions:

When people feel unhappy or stuck it usually stems from getting caught up in their emotions and feelings. This can have a filtering effect, which means that they are only able to see their problems – not solutions. Physical and mental maturity are important in life, but just as critical is emotional maturity. Many people lack this and allow their feelings and emotions to overwhelm them instead of guide them. Emotional immaturity is usually caused by a lack of purpose. Finding your soul’s purpose will eliminate unnecessary stresses and conflict that leads to unhappiness or mental health problems. I make use of your life path number to intuitively guide your through the past, present and future, allowing you to see your life objectively and find your true purpose!


I offer the following:

  • Personal Life Path Report & Astrological Profile (PDF) $40

This report will give you a detailed analysis of your personality, capacities, gifts and personal challenges. It will highlight your innate talents, what you should work on or develop and guide you towards future opportunities.

  • Comprehensive Numerology Report & Astrological Profile (PDF) $80

This report will focus on all your numerology numbers and give you an understanding of the following aspects of your life: Life Purpose, Soul Purpose, Life Path, Personality Traits and Pinnacles of Change in your life.