Book Review

{Book Review} Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

  In honor of World Book Day #lovetoread and my passion for reading, I have started a book review segment that will be added to this blog more regularly. Please enjoy my first review of an inspirational non-fiction book: In this book, Elizabeth Gilbert paints a vivid picture about the beauty and fulfillment that art and especially living a creative life can cultivate. She encourages readers not to worry too much about obtaining higher education when it comes to artistic living (not too sure that I agree with her). This book delves into the possibilities that await you when you Read More

Get Outside and Ground Yourself this Earth Day!(1)

Go Outside and Ground Yourself this Earth Day

Happy Earth Day my friends! I created this post specifically to help you celebrate, by enjoying the healing power of mother earth. Please celebrate with me, by sharing this knowledge with others… we need the earth and the earth needs us to be more considerate about our environmental impact. I’m the type of girl who prefers to walk around barefoot, I grew up by the ocean and shoes just didn’t seem that necessary. Now living in a city, going barefoot is not really practical, but I still make a point of grounding myself in our back garden as often as Read More

Aromatherapy can Treat these 8 Common Problems...(1)

Aromatherapy can Treat these 8 Common Problems

I’m a big believer in natural remedies and much prefer using something from my garden over the latest product that big pharma is trying to push. I admit at times this may be necessary, but understand that almost all chemical products are derived from natural ingredients. Usually the non-synthesized version works just as well and has less side effects. Therefore, I would like to discuss one of the easiest ways to heal yourself naturally ~ aromatherapy. This is something that is affordable and accessible to anyone and essential oils are a great addition to your holistic healer cabinet. Aromatherapy is Read More

Personality Traits

The Duality of Personality Traits

This topic is something that I would like more people to know – Dealing with difficulties is easier when you understand and accept the duality of life. Most personality traits are seen as either “good” or “bad”. This is not necessarily true, since each trait has two sides to it – what matters is how you perceive these traits. Whether a personality trait is positive or negative depends on the situation – as we all know, context is important. When discussing personality traits, it is crucial to distinguish between personality and temperament. “Personality is an organized combination of attributes, motives, Read More

Myths about the Human Brain

Myths About the Human Brain

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I have always been fascinated by the brain. It is partly the reason why I started studying psychology – I wanted to know why we behaved in certain ways and the brain has a lot to do with understanding behavior. The human brain is a complex and misunderstood organ. We are even more aware that it is special and unique when compared to the brains of other species. Thanks to the advancement of neuroscience, we are able to correct some common myths and misconceptions about the human brain and find out why it is so Read More

Meditation Series ~ Part 5(1)

Movement Meditation

Now this is a wonderful meditation variation, especially for those of you who struggle to sit still. I made use of this type of meditation when I first started and it is a great way to connect your body and breath. By connecting your movement to your breath, you can get into the right mind state for meditation a lot faster and easier. Movement meditation is as simple as practicing mindfulness in all life activities. It includes any type of meditation in which you move. There are many different options but basically any movement can be used as a meditation Read More

10 Traits of

10 Traits of Open-Minded Individuals

Being open-minded is a great habit to practice in order to find happiness. It involves self-development and the ability to adapt and grow. However, it is something most people struggle with. This shouldn’t deter you, like most habits it takes time and practice to develop. By not being open-minded you are most likely causing your own misery. Close -minded people are unable to stretch their thoughts, knowledge and ideas. Their perspective is limited to a self-constructed boundary, preventing them from seeing various aspects of situations. They tend to view actions and situations as having only one outcome and completely ignore Read More

Yummy Yin Yoga(1)

Yummy Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is an underrated but completely necessary style of yoga. It is definitely my favorite type and I love to practice this style as a cool down after an intense workout session. It is also the absolute best type of practice when you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious. So, the aim of a yoga practice is to become more present, calm and mindful – and this is the essence of Yin yoga. Some styles are more physically challenging while others are more relaxing and give us time to breath. The solution to everything is always balance, but some Read More

Meditation Series ~ Part 4

Mantra Meditation

So, I do not often practice this type of meditation, but it is a super useful tool for beginners who struggle to clear their minds. This particular meditation is useful, as a mantra is a great way to centre yourself and be more focused. A Mantra is a syllable or a short word without a specific meaning – that’s the important part. Each mantra does have a meaning, but it is more complex and tend to be vaguely general meanings that are different for each user.  A mantra is used repeatedly in order to focus the mind. A mantra is Read More

8 Small Steps YOU can take

8 Small Steps YOU can Take to Make a Difference in Our World

Most of us believe that we don’t have what it takes to make a difference in this world. We think that only people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein or other visionaries are capable of making a change. But before these people were revered for their achievements, they were ordinary people too. The truth is, every single person is born into this world and gifted with talents and abilities, allowing them to make a difference in their own unique way. So use what you have, but do it with the intention of ‘doing good’. This is a topic that Read More