Arrivedo Hotels

I am a published freelance travel writer and blogger.

My niche is wellness and luxury travel both within South Africa and Internationally.

I also write for, an award-winning website that is growing rapidly throughout the world!

Arrivedo is the first online platform for hotel recommendations that give a voice to hoteliers.

Arrivedo enables hotels to create their own custom Neighborhood Guide.

This allows them to compete with AirBnB and Expedia to drive more traveler satisfaction and to attract travelers searching a hotel with a local experience.

The guides are easily accessible and can be shared with guests or potential guests.

They are SEO friendly and are focused on attracting the attention of today’s experience-driven travelers.

Arrivedo is on a mission to organize one Neighborhood Guide for every hotel in the world!

I am always on the lookout for opportunities, so if you are interested in a collaboration or want to list your hotel on Arrivedo, feel free to contact me on

Follow the links below to check out Neighborhood Guides I have created for hotels:

South Africa

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Cullinan Premier Hotel

Foreigners Friend Guest House

The Netherlands



Hotel White Lisboa

The Literary Man Obidos Hotel

Penha Longa Resort (Ritz Carlton)

The Oitavos

Ozadi Tavira Hotel

Lagos Avenida Hotel

Hotel Faro

My Story Hotel Tejo